Leisure Link Service Demo

Leisure Link allows you to book facility or enrol activity of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) online in a simple process.

The following is a step-by-step guide to show you the different functions of the service and help you to make a booking.

Learn more about Leisure Link functions by accessing the following demonstration pages:

  1. Facility Booking - Basic Version

    For online users and general public who possess HKID card.

    In the Facility Booking (Basic version), you can select the facility venue and time of booking according to your preference (maximum 3 choices).Then the system will reserve the available time sessions for you after making the payment online.

  2. Facility Booking - Basic Version ( Reconnect )

    Demonstrate the possibility of resuming interrupted booking session.

  3. Facility Booking - Basic Version ( With Equipment )

    Demonstrate the possibility of hiring equipment in some of the activities.

  4. Facility Booking - Personalised Version

    Personalised service for Leisure Link Patrons.

    In the Facility Booking (Personalised version), you can save your frequently booked facilities details by registering the booking details in the booking profiles. By making use of this feature, you can make a booking swiftly without entering the details repeatedly. This function is specifically designed for the frequent users.

  5. Activity Enrolment

    In the Activity Enrolment, you can enrol in those first-come-first-served activities by making payment online.

  6. Activity Ballot Payment

    In the Activity Ballot Payment, successful applicants/applicants on the waiting list of balloting programmes to pay fee and/or obtain their permit.

  7. Activity Enrolment ( Search Activity )

    Searching for activity to suit your interest and needs

  8. Enquiry about Facility Booking Status

    Enquire the availability of the facilities within the next 8 days

  9. Enquiry about transaction status in the past 30 days / Reprinting of Acknowledgement / Confirmed Booking Cancellation by Leisure Link Patron / Checking of “No show” record(s)

    You can use Leisure Link Internet Booking Services to enquire about transaction status in the past 30 days, reprint of acknowledgement and cancel confirmed booking (for Leisure Link Patron only). Nevertheless, no refund will be offered for the cancellation.

  10. Leisure Link Patron Application

    Hong Kong residents are allowed to apply as a Leisure Link Patron online.

  11. Link up with “iAM Smart”

    For Leisure Link Patron.

    Leisure Link patron can log in the Leisure Link Internet Booking System (LLES) via the “iAM Smart” account without the need to enter patron ID and password after the link up is done upon the first time logging into ‘iAM Smart’.

  12. Log into LLES via iAM Smart

    For Leisure Link Patron linked up with ‘iAM Smart’

    You can log into LLES via ‘iAM Smart’ to book facility/enrol in programmes that are first come first served.

  13. Leisure Link Patron Application via iAM Smart

    You can register as Leisure Link Patron instantly using ‘e-ME function’ in ‘iAM Smart’.

  14. Disable the link-up with iAM Smart account

    You can disable the link-up between “iAM Smart” and your Leisure Link Patron account using “Change Profile”.

  15. Forget Password

    You can reset Leisure Link Patron password if you forget the password.

  16. Forget Leisure Link Patron Number

    You can retrieve your Leisure Link Patron Number.

  17. Change Profile

    You can change Leisure Link Patron profile information, e.g. Email Address, Password and Secret Question etc.

  18. Cancel Leisure Link Patron registration

    You can cancel Leisure Link Patron registration.

  19. Leisure Link e-Services Activation (For Patrons applied at Leisure Link Services Centre)

    Patrons applied at Leisure Link Services Centre are required to activate Leisure Link e-Services by resetting password, providing supplementary information (e.g. email address) and secret question before the first time login.

  20. Facility Balloting (Natural & Artificial Turf Football Pitches)

    For Leisure Link Patrons to submit application for allocation of specified natural and artificial turf football pitches through balloting and view the session(s) available for balloting of specified natural and artificial turf football pitches on the next date.

  21. Holiday Camp Booking

    To provide booking service for the users of Leisure Link System for holiday camp places left unfilled after the ballot.

  22. Enquiry about Holiday Camp Status

    Enquire holiday camp booking status on unfilled camp places after the ballot.

  23. Enquiry about Holiday Camp Transaction Status

    Enquire about holiday camp transaction status in the past 120 days.